Vitual Master Card ASIA (Exp 5 years)


Please read the rules carefully when using the card, your card may be locked or not work if you violate the regulations.

  1. The card is only used to verify Paypal, does not support other services
  2. Anonymous virtual card, works with all names and addresses
  3. The card is issued at ASIA Bank
  4. The card can verify Paypal all countries except  Europe, UK, Japan, Israel
  5. Use the card within 5 days of delivery
  6. You must complete the account registration before using the card, add the card in the account settings
  7. The card is for one-time use only and cannot be loaded
  8. After successful verification, the card balance is zero
  9. We only sell cards, we are not responsible if your Paypal account is locked, the account cannot send or receive money, cannot link Paypal account with ebay, facebook, google ADS…
  10. Paid orders do not return.
  11. Do not try to click “GET CODE” many times will damage the card. Do not try to add card to multiple accounts.
  12. If you get an error while using the card, you must stop immediately and send us a screenshot to get it resolved. Any action of damaging the card we do not warrant

After payment please contact me by Facebook or Skype. Send me a screenshot with the ORDER NUMBER ( Invoice ID) to receive the card and confirm code

You will receive card info in max 24 hours.

Skype: forexshare3979


Working Hours 7h – 20h UTC +7

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