How to get paypal code when buying a card?

After ordering and payment please contact me via skype or facebook, I will send the card and get the verification code for you

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  • wakahakhalid says:

    i have been buyed a visa from this site and in my paypal account it says :
    Your card was declined by the card issuer. Please try a different card or contact your card issuer with questions.
    please sir can you fix this problem.

    • sellvccpay says:

      card only has a balance of $ 2, some countries need a larger balance card to verify paypal, please contact me to check

    • jim says:

      Hey wakahakhalid
      I’m about to buy paypal vcc for usa but after seeing your complain I thought of confirming from you on your current situation. Has your problem been resolved by the admin? $2 balance on card should be enough to verify usa paypal. Nowadays its hard to see legit vcc seller since paypal start to restrict banks that issued vcc.

  • moslih.meryem99 says:

    I would like to buy a card to activate my PayPal account. I want to know please do the cards you sell for Paypal already contain $ 3 for Paypal to check it ??

  • Rachid Semlali says:

    i m want confirme my card

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